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MrbMiner group infected thousands of MSSQL servers with cryptominer

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Tencent Security experts have announced a new cybercriminal group called MrbMiner that infects MSSQL servers with the Monero cryptocurrency mining program of the same name.  Over the past few months, criminals have infected thousands of MSSQL servers.

The name “MrbMiner” is associated with one of the domains used by the group to host malware.  As part of the campaign, cybercriminals scan the Internet for MSSQL servers with weak passwords and then hack them using brute-force attacks.  After the target has been compromised, the attackers download the assm.exe file, which is used to communicate with the C&C server, set up a persistence mechanism that can withstand a reboot, and add a backdoor as an account with the Default login and password @ fg125kjnhn987.  At the last stage, an application for mining cryptocurrency is loaded onto the system.

So far, the researchers have identified only attacks on MSSQL servers, but the analysis of the control server showed that there are versions of MrbMiner for Linux and devices based on ARM architecture.  According to experts, these versions could also be used in attacks, as indicated by the cryptocurrency wallet they discovered, which at the time of analysis contained 3.38 XMR (~ $ 300).

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