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  1. CLAIM : FATBOY111 . $1600

    I Blocked and Deleted all History with you.. You keep adding from different telegrams why dont you talk about that. Ripper your . time is . coming . soon.
  2. CLAIM : FATBOY111 . $1600

    Fucking Liar! He sent me Account 3 Days Before Funding.. I got Msg and Replied to him 1 Day After Sending. Took me a day to do the Job. Next Day Funds! This guy . goes around giving 10 people the same account and using different profiles . begging like a poor ripper even after admitting to the fact. Ban him mak!

    can load overnight 2k pm telegram if you wanna go
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  6. CLAIM : FATBOY111 . $1600

    @moneyman115 There you go mak! .....
  7. CLAIM : FATBOY111 . $1600

    Hello Mak, Im looking forward to seeing . this ripper leave the forum mate. if he cannot pay up.
  8. CLAIM : FATBOY111 . $1600

    First he made : @futurelater I blocked . Him.. He Pm'd Me 10 times . then Added me from another : @futurelaters This Guy is just Sick! Begging for 1 more Job. willing to give me . 80% . Just Look at Sign in and Log out Time for those two accounts you will see. Thnks mak
  9. CLAIM : FATBOY111 . $1600

    This Mf. Created NEW USER : https://carding.ug/member.php?u=190183 . Trying to Get more Work. FUCK YOU
  10. CLAIM : FATBOY111 . $1600

    You are FULL of Bullshit. If you Make these Online like its nothing why would you need to give SAME account to multiple People.
  11. CLAIM : FATBOY111 . $1600

    LINK TO PROFILE : https://carding.ug/member.php?u=95747 USERNAME : FATBOY111 STARTED . THE BULLSHIT THIS WAY! (ATTACHED SCREENSHOT) I did $1600 ACH to this MF! He gave me an account with negative. ( . -$2100) Some Bounced Check he tried or Someshit. I have all evidence to send Admin via PM. Beware of this Time Waster. Claim $800 USD my Share 50% as Agreed! GTFO FATBOY111
  12. give me telegram we can work daily