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  1. Все в порядке шоп проверен на собственном опыте, 3ий пак идет. Сроки оптимальные, упаковка по максималке, Итог - сервис качественный, работа вышка, спасибо
  2. Hey MAK! This man doesn't have any proof that it works. I gave him proof he doesn't want to listen. Now, please give your judgment. I respect your judgment. Sorry for posting again. I'm not flooding. It's reputation that is on stakes here.
  3. 1. Where I am is not an issue here. I expose my location
  4. I would get banned rather than giving you ripping asshole any money. Show the proof that it worked. You idoit, you're clean show us the proof. Добавлено через 2 минуты 9 секунд Hey MAK, why my account is only UP thanos1 account should be UP too. If I cheated him ban me. If I am not then he cheated me, ban me.
  5. Posting my conversation again and again is not a solution. If the bins works. Show us a slip of Bangladeshi POS terminal. With your bins I'm not cheater or ripper. Your bins didn't worked here. I'm 100% sure about it. I gave video of bin being valid
  6. Mak ask Maxmalesya. He have 3 teams working here. He knows that these bin don't work here. He knows Bangladesh better. He told me only some japan bins worked here. Another bins never worked during his work is 2018.
  7. He tried to scam. I never did. I tried all his bin. None of them worked. If the bins doesn't work why should I give him money. I said him to use escrow and he denied. I never denied escrow. I was forcing him for escrow. Now he is accusing me of ripping. he gave me some very hard to find bins. Which took me time to find. For which I was late I agree that. He was in a hury, so that I give him money without testing. Which I didn't do. Then he was using some abusing language
  8. Bangladesh police arrested six Ukrainian nationals on June 2. According to investigators, the seven suspects landed in Dhaka together on May 30 and stole money from an ATM booth the very next day. On June 1, they stole money from the other booths. During the series of thefts, one of the hackers was detained while he was trying to steal money from the bank’s ATM. During the attempted theft, two of the foreigners went to the booth wearing masks and caps. The security guard became suspicious and called locals for help, who were able to catch one of them and hand him over to police. Police says after the theft, the gang was supposed to go to India on June 6. They said criminals had links to the “Lazarus Group” or korean group "Hidden Cobra". IT expert said in this method of hack, a card was inserted in the ATM and the machine’s connection with the bank’s server got severed, after which the suspects just took money out. The method also left no record of the transaction in the bank’s server. It has been seen in other countries where criminals used Tyupkin, a strain of malware, to empty ATMs. For it to work, one needed to gain physical access to an ATM and infect it with the Tyupkin malware. Once the machine was infected, it disabled all network connections and even if the administrators detected any suspicious activity, it could not be interrupted. Tyupkin malware was first discovered in 2014. Source: https://www.thedailystar.net/frontpa...d-gang-1755148
  9. NEED BIN 201 or 101

    I don't have bin. I need the bin
  10. BUY BIN 201 or 101

    I will buy dump bin 201 and 101 working in bangladesh. Sure shot bin only. Payment through escrow only.
  11. Нужен обнал D+P

    Привет У меня более 300 POS в Бангладеш. Если вы хотите обналичить. Стукни меня jabber: crackman@jabber.at icq:@661878581 telegram: crackman3
  12. PAYPAL

    I have lots of Paypal with balance. want to work? How about escrow?
  13. Is Anti Detect 8.0 any good?

    Every thing is green still no luck with Linken Sphere. The Bins are working in the merchant but i can't do payments. Other peoples are doing just fine. The bins i'm using are 100% working on that merchant. Because I have payment slips with bins and ip. What I'm doing wrong I have no idea. Any help
  14. Is Anti Detect 8.0 any good?

    I have carding some sites for year. Now a days I'm unable to do a single transaction with us CC's. Some of friends are carding same sites with us cc's. Even if I card with same us CC's my transaction doesn't go thru. I can only card with non us cc's. We all how hard it is to find good non us CC's. I know all the shit about fingerprint, socks, ip's, cookies, time zone, web rtc & mac id. I know somewhere my info's are leaking. I'm being flagged. The main question is will anti detect help and also pricing of version 8.0 is very high. if i buy will it help. has anyone tried version 8.0 has anyone have any idea what my problem might be. all the rippers I know a legit source to buy so don't waste my time on selling it
  15. cookies and useragents?

    Yup ! he is right. For any additional info I am there to help.