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  1. Stop trying to card giftcards giftcards are the highest risk fraud transactions 99% of the time they will decline and be put through to manual review by fraud agent and will just flag the card. It's 2019 not 2010
  2. *paid job* Need designer to make ad banner

    Looking for someone to make me an add banner asap.
  3. i am a cc vendor need someone to make me an autoshop website to sell my cc's on. money is not an issue. no time wasters only serious person who knows what theyre doing. message me on telegram @iampois0n or inbox me here.
  4. European bank drop available

    European bank drop available from spain ciaxa bank, have debit card etc need someone to load it hit me up if you can load it 100% , lets break bread.
  5. sure, here is the post link https://crdclub.ws/showthread.php?t=41970
  6. he is now claiming that you guys have his back and nothing can be done? he tried to claim that its imposter and this is precisely why i took picture of the post and the time stamp that he edited the post and took a video of it too and im sure yo u can see this on your end also of the advertised scammy telegram and when he changed it back
  7. sorry dont understand? you mean i should notify him or you have notified him? i have told him
  8. In topic post this details: 1. Nickname of Ripper. : doublegi from xforcesonline.bazar 2. Link to profile. : https://crdclub.ws/member.php?u=130228 3. Please fill brief description. Ripper took $500 for 100 cc's and did not send the cc and did not refund. 4. Contacts : telegram @xforcesbazar1, @xforcesbazar 5. Post FULL logs (from start to end) 6. Any other useful information (screenshots, screenshots of payments, etc.) Ripper advertised telegram @xforcesbazar1 on his post then took $500 for 100 cc's then he edited his post on site to display @xforcesbazar, obviously so he can try to claim it was not his contact. and did not send the cc's , when he realised i have proof of everything then said he will refund and did not refund then claimed he did refund. then he send me a destructable private not link inside it admitting to basically stealing my money, also cleared the chat to try and delete proofs but i already had screenshotted everything. here is my bitcoin address to show no $500 refund was sent there as he claimed he did. 1J9fA2AjfAEcxC47ji6qJKCN5hy77aty6r below i have attached the majority of conversation on telegram and the addresses, his address which i sent 500 bucks to this can be verified on the blockchain. and my address that nothing was sent back to. and proof of the post before he tried to change the scammy telegram contact n hide it.